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Our Ewes page 1


Juanita     LF701C

Black homozygous grey horned twin yearling ewe

(carries moorit)

Lambing Record: nb,2

Solid build. Lambed unassisted and excellent mother!

She went into late breeding with Patrick for Fall 2016. 

Juanita had twin ewe lambs on April 26th!


Eva     RBR42T

Black grey horned triplet ewe

carries moorit and solid pattern

LR:  2,2,2,3,3,2,2,2,1,2

Wonderful, reliable ewe.  Excellent fleece even at 7 years old!  Always lambs unassisted. 25%AI Ari and more.

Eva is in breeding with Patrick for 2017 lambs! 

Eva had twin ram lambs on April 16th & 17th!


Dolley    MBG150D

Black grey mouflon horned twin ewe lamb

carries moorit gene

LR: 2

Fast growing lamb.

Excellent parasite resistance this summer!

Gorgeous fleece & sturdy build.

Dolley is Ladybird's 2016 daughter, we love this line!

Dolley is being exposed to Champ for fall breeding 2016!

Dolley had twin mouflon ewe lambs on April 3rd!




Ladybird     MBG84A

Moorit grey badgerface horned twin ewe

(carries moorit & spotting)

LR: 1,2,2,2

Ladybird is our pet ewe.

She is the friendliest ewe we have ever had here.

Always lambs unassisted & raises nice lambs.

Good body length & sturdy build.

Excellent fleece. 40%AI including Flotti, Stapi & more

Ladybird is in fall breeding with Champ for 2017 lambs!

Ladybird had twins on April 4th!


Willow  MBG21W

White horned twin ewe

carries moorit and grey pattern

LR: nb,1,2,2,2,2,2,2

Friendly ewe. Nice build and excellent fleece. Showing good parasite resistance.

Willow is in breeding with Patrick for 2017 lambs! 

Willow had twin ewe lambs on March 13th!