Jillian's Flock

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In Loving Memory of our daughter, Jillian

Jill brought her favorite 2011 ewe lamb, Morgan, into the house to show her nephew

Kit, was her first ewe

Jillian's beloved ewe, Eva. She was so proud of Eva and all of her great Icelandic ewe qualities <3

Kit cleaning off her ram lamb, Malachi (we all called him Little V though)

Above: Eva delivered the 1st lambs ever born at Mulberry Grove Farm in 2008. Jillian named them Sylvara & Gilthanas.

Jillian with her first lamb, Sylvara, in 2008

Gilthanas was used as a replacement ram for 1 year at MBG Farm and then sold to a farm in Michigan. Jillian was so proud of her moorit ram with nice wide horns.

Above: Jillian with Rambo, Eva's 2010 ram lamb. He was named Jacob at the time and his twin was Esau.

Above: Jillian shearing Eva, Spring of 2008

Eva had triplets in 2011. Jillian was in the barn observing and was so proud of herself because the third lamb was coming hind feet first, and she pulled her, saving the lamb :) And she made a prediction of which patterns she would get and she was correct! Good memories <3

Eva's 2009 Twins: Ceci (Above) & Caesar (below)

Cully - Jillian's beloved ram. She preferred to use him for breeding her ewes. He was very tame and a master at escaping and then returning himself to his pen by the time you got your boots on! But he was a good boy and always took his drenches willingly :)

Felicity's first lambs, were twins ewe & ram, in 2010. Jillian named them Kelly & Ryan, after characters from The Office tv show.

This is Felicity. Jillian went along to Blackhavens Farm in Southeastern Ohio, and bought this ewe with her babysitting money. She loved the white fleeces and used them for dyeing.

Felicity's 2011 lambs...Jillian observed this lambing too. She was so proud of Felicity and thrilled she got 2 ewe lambs! She named these girls Miranda & Reba

This is Tilly. Jillian chose her for her fleece also.

Tilly's 2011 ram lamb, Mathyas. Jillian carried him around like a baby doll.

Eva's 2010 ram lambs, Jacob & Esau

Rambo, formerly known as Jacob. Above, as a lamb. Below, as a yearling.

Felicity's daughter, Kelly

Friends, Holly & Jessica, honoring Jillian on the day of her funeral. The lamb, "Gigi" was born that morning <3

Banner, Jillian's pygmy goat

Sunny, Jillian's pygmy goat buck

First Icelandic lambs born on Mulberry Grove Farm, Eva's 2008 twin lambs, Sylvara & Gilthanas

Jillian's cats. Photo by Jillian

Petie, the pygmy goat. Jillian's pet :)