Icelandic Sheep

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Sheep Health


Herbal & Natural remedies for sheep


Herbals & Sheep Health

Apple Cider Vinegar article by Laurie Ball-Gisch

Pumpkins and sheep health article by Laurie Ball-Gisch 

Garlic Juice as a dewormer 

Garlic Barrier 

Herbs for Deworming 

Parasite Control

Using FAMACHA to diagnose internal parasites

Control of Internal Parasites in Ruminants

Managing Internal Parasites in Sheep & Goats

Minerals & Supplements

Back in Balance Minerals 


Heat Stress

Heat & Sheep more info from Lavender Fleece Farm



Hoof Care

Hoof Trimming





Bloat information from Laurie Ball-Gisch

Managing Sheep to Prevent Bloat article

Cruels, Abcesses, CL


Urinary Calculi

We lost a ram lamb to Urinary Calculi this year, and have begun to look into preventive measures.  We do not grain our sheep, so we are carefully examining the other possible causes for this condition. We are putting out mineral salt (to keep them drinking) and ammonium chloride free choice as a preventitive. 


Toxic Plants

Plants Toxic to sheep  

Scrapie Disease

What Is Scrapie Disease?