Previous Sires II

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Previous Sires used for Breeding Seasons 2012 and forward


Solid black horned twin ram 

carries moorit & spotting

Wide hornset. Long-bodied. 

Nice fleece, holds true black color.

From prolific lines.

ACE     MBG61Y

Black grey horned twin ram

Carries moorit, solid & spotting

Large, meaty ram.  Excellent fleece.

Fast-growing lamb.

Nicholai   SFF01A

Solid moorit horned ram

(carries spotting gene)

Excellent parasite resistance.

Nice wide hornset. Prolific lines.

Luke   MBG63Y   

Moorit homozygous grey horned triplet ram  

Nice wide hornset.  Good fleece.  Sturdy conformation and good body length.

Zeke     FRH3Z   

White horned twin ram

Carries moorit & spotting gene

Excellent fleece. Good temperament. Prolific lines.