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About Icelandic Wool

The Icelandic fleece is dual coated with a soft undercoat called thel and a longer, coarser coat called tog.  The tog fiber, with a spinning count of 56-60 and a micron count of 27-30, grows to 6-8" in 6 months.  It is lustrous, strong and water & wear resistant.  Thel is the downy soft undercoat, with a spinning count of 64-70 and a micron count of 19-22, growing to a length of 2-4" in six months. Icelandic fleeces are open and low in lanolin.  The average adult fleece (yearly) weighs 4-7 pounds. 

We shear our Icelandics twice a year, spring and fall.  The fall fleeces are better quality, free of hay & straw.

The thel and tog can be separated and spun separately or spun together into "lopi" yarn.  The thel is soft enough for baby garments and fine yarn projects.  The tog is wonderful for worsted spinning.

Another wonderful aspect of the Icelandic wool is the many natural colors:  bright white, creamy white, a large range of browns, grey, black and silvering black.  The whites and creams are popular for dyeing.  Some even like to dye the greys to add depth to their color.